Day 2 at Leidersbach: Laundry and Walk

We were woken up by bells of the church at 10 am. How do you like that!? At 10 am!

We stayed for one more day in Leidersbach. The weather was so nice – not hot, not too sunny, cool and partly cloudy – not raining. That playground and horses I wrote about yesterday weren’t in our sight.

Today we did the laundry (cause you can’t run away from the laundry!!!) and I can’t get those Panoramic walk routes out of my mind. They were like bells of the church ding-dong-ding-dong up in my mind: “Shortest route is only 6 km!”, “Maybe we can do it?!”, “6km is way too much for my girls…”, “But they promising to be PANORAMIC!!!”, “But you know those mountain routes – if you start them, there is no way turning back!!!”, “Panoramic, Ilze! PANORAMIC!!!” but first dinner.

What we have… well. Let’s cook lentil – tomato soup! Turned out delicious cause I still had Parmesan cheese and I made nice and crunchy toast cubes for the topping.


Hey, Girls! What do you think about a short walk in the woods!? Up to that mountain and down the other!? M?! Nelle, do you want to have a picnic?! Oh, Yes!? Nice… Linna?! Nelle is already dressing up! Do you want to dress up too for a walk like Nelle does!? Yes!? Nice! Janis!? We have to try that short 6km route up the hill. We can go back…Let’s go!

I love myself 🙂 And I know they do too! We did that walk. I would say easily… Janis carried Helmi and my backpack and I carried Linna :). Last 2 kilometers… And I sung stupid songs and played made up games and made silly faces behind the trees to get them walk the right direction….

…as I was saying.. It was easy-peasy :).



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