Day 3 at Leidersbach: Rain

Today we decide to stay for one more day in Leidersbach. It was raining and I wanted to clean the caravan. Janis did the grocery shopping and girls “helped” me with the cleaning. At the end, we find few more books and unused stickers…and we didn’t finish with the cleaning! So, doesn’t matter: we are living in the moment, having fun and making memories. And after a few weeks will be back in Latvia and then it will be plenty of time to clean it. 

It was so cold outside that girls decide to share one jacket. Clever, right?

Nelle admitted that she likes to travel and named the places she wants to visit. First was named Grandma Marite (hometown Salacgriva, Latvia), second  Godmother Viola (Berlin, Germany) and third was named Viola’s mother Sandra (Riga, Latvia). It looks like she missed Latvia a bit. So our destination will be hometown Salacgriva in Latvia.

Made veggies with chicken and cream for the dinner.

But for now, let’s stay in Leidersbach and enjoy showers & puddles….or not!?



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