Few hours in rainy Hessigheim

We left our favorite free parking space and headed to the another one. We parked here at 11 pm and it was so cold and dark we went straight to bed.

We were woken by unheard sound… the wind was blowing away our solar panel! Or at least wanted to! Our solar panel is safe and nicely screwed on the roof. No worries! It was cold and rainy morning. Brrrr… We decide to change the spot because of the wind. We were parked on the hill right in the way of the wind. Janis already packed & hitched the caravan…

We decide to stay – have breakfast and then leave as soon as we can. No need to change the spot. It was raining and we wanted to go away. While we ate the breakfast rain were stopped and we went out to the playground… or should I say GIGANT playground.  I wasn’t sure all the girls should climb up…. And that gigantic slide…. OMG.
As a mom, I took coffee and cookies and sat down to watch. Janis is less stressed about hights and children. After a two hours of active climbing and playing, happy faces came my way. They where ready to get in the car and go…. home!?

Will see,




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