Heavy Rain and Playground


So.We were in Permaculture festival and it was so hot that we can’t stand the heat and also got worried about the health of our children. Spending whole day in the sun and heat isn’t good for Northen people/children.


We decide to visit my brother & co in my home town Salacgriva. We left festival at 20:00 and we were an hour drive away from my family. Suddenly rain storm hit us. It was heavy rain, lightning, and the wind and we can’t see where we go also it was hard for the car to tow the trailer. It was dark and the road was flooded. It felt like we were floating not driving. We were going to 30 km/h instead of 90 km/h. All the road was covered with the branches and leaves. And suddenly I screamed, “STOP!”. There was a huge tree across the road. Half cut and half still on the road with all the branches and leaves and bark. It was dark and I was stressed. It doesn’t felt safe to be out there with the kids.


We immediately start to think where we can park. And the closest city/parking was 20 km away. We stayed in truck parking about 12 kilometers away from my brother.  Sometimes it just doesn’t matter if the destination is close, what matters is safety! We were safe and snuggled in our trailer in no time – we didn’t pull out trailer legs or disconnect from the car.


In the next morning, we woke up at 7 am and spent beautiful Sunday morning all together. For you, our playground love might sound boring but for us, as parents, it’s free time. When you don’t have to think how to educate our kids or where they are at the moment. Is it safe for them? etc. Usual concerns.


The playground is the place where girls are entertained and I can have free time to cook breakfast like I did today.

And now we are with my brother & co in my home town Salacgriva.


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