Finally we are in my home town. Its been a wile. We are happy to meet my family and great new baby boy in my brothers family. Now girls have three cousins – boys!

As usully we spent time at the seaside. Sea? Its actually the Gulf of Riga… But I call it “sea” all the time.

We had +30C in Gulbene and I was afraid we’ll be “dead” but it was 25C here and thanks to the sea it’s not that hot!

As usually being here junk food – Hesburger is the one of the stops we make. We don’t have one around.

Trying to write on my phone… Sorry if the mistakes pokes in your eyes and hurt them. Sorry – vocation mood 100% turned ON!


One thought on “Salacgriva

  1. Sorry, I missed this one first time round so I was surprised that, seeing the following one, you had not done a post about being in Salacgriva.
    It’s one place I’d really like to visit in Latvia. I remember well one previous occasion you were there!!!
    Delighted you were able to get on the beach, in a cooling breeze, with your girls.

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