The second crop, wedding, friends, family, etc.

A lot has happened and it feels that I hadn’t been in the blog for a while. Not counting days because they were so busy I can’t even remember all the things that have happened!


Second crop – radishes! Linna sow them and was so excited to taste one! Also to get out of furrow! After eating for a few seconds she said. “What did I sow? Radishes!? If I would know they will bite (!?) in my tongue I better sow lettuce instead!”

Well, now she knows it’s too spicy for her! I love radishes with cottage cheese or on the slice of bread with butter.

I had to photograph a wedding on Tuesday and it was so hot – survived! The fun thing is – that was their second wedding… They were married, they broke up and now after 20 years, they are together, again! Won’t share any of the pics, I respect my clients!

It’s been a long long time since we last saw Nelles Godmother! Berlin, three years ago, Nelles 5th birthday! We had a lovely few hours together!

It was hot here for 5-7 days and ice cream is something we all girls love! Also with the heat comes rain and puddles! Also.. we all love them!

And today friend came over for breakfast and I had a good opportunity to take out my best china! BEST in many ways! One main thing it’s called “Yorkshire Rose” from Royal Doulton and York is where my dear friend Roger (or maybe you know him as GrumpyTyke) is from!

Also, he helped with the delivery! Been thinking about you, Roger!

Stay safe and be healthy!



10 thoughts on “The second crop, wedding, friends, family, etc.

  1. It is interesting about spicy radishes. When I was young all the little red radishes were ‘hot’ but no more; all the ones you can buy here now are bland, certainly not spicy in fact close to tasteless! It’s the same with watercress. When a child I used to collect wild watercress from a stream (for those who know where I live that was on Baildon Green) which was really spicey.
    It was so exciting to see you had a reason to take out the ‘Yorkshire Rose’. I remember you said it reminded you of your grandma which I think was part of the reason you wanted it, partly you wanted a bit of Yorkshire in your house 😊.
    When Eddy first told me he had heard I was in hospital I was certain it was you who had told him. Thank you.

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    1. Well.. Somehow it came and it reminds me more of you than my grandmother! I guess that is how we make/get “invaluable” value for the things! And things isn’t things anymore! Take care!

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