March: Birthday month

I can’t believe it’s already 20th of March! This weekend we celebrated:HM1A8882.jpg

  • 3rd birthday of our girl  Linna
  • 31st birthday of my husband Janis
  • 55th birthday of Janis father
  • 25th birthday of Janis brother
  • and more… (uncles and cousins, aunts and godmothers) !!

We had one big party for all the Birthdays! As usually within Janis family there isn’t such parties – 20-30 people. Always starting from 40! Janis dad comes from 12 children family and mother from 7 children family… so hence the “40 and up”!

This time more than 70!

HM1A9206.jpgThis was one good party! My brother Atis with his girlfriend Ilona was there and even Nelles Godmother made it from Berlin!!! It was so nice to visit other families with small children, talk about daily routines and share ideas of teaching.

We were home early: 2 am. The celebration began at 7 pm… so plenty of time for girls to run around and us to “be free”…


Linna got so many presents that I’m worried… worried, that all together isn’t giving that much fun as opening them one by one. Usually, only one present for girls (somehow we managed so far)! This was our first time celebrating together… so… more than 20 presents for Linna! Starting from stickers and ending with a bicycle.Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 21.42.24.jpg


We are not used to receiving presents… Linna was in a bad mood… even her beloved Godmother Paula couldn’t change it!

And that’s normal! She never ever had so many greeters and presents! Even if we count all 3 years together.

… Now our Linna is 3 years old and trying to play with all the presents at the same time…


P.S. And I was behind the camera as usually, don’t have pictures with me.

25 thoughts on “March: Birthday month

  1. It’s a pleasure to have such a large family! You certainly don’t need anything else, just get together all the family and there’s crowd large enough to do anything! That is probably a great feeling.

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    1. I didn’t had such a large family until I met Janis. That’s his family and now mine too :). Celebrating something is getting more difficult since I’m the one who likes fancy plates and tab El settings. Us + parents + siblings is more than 18


  2. How wonderful to celebrate together I know what it is like having mother, auntie, sister and daughter all on the same day and then wife and grandson a few days later. Thanks for sharing your lovely story and photos Ilize

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