Birthday Girl: 34

I’m 34 now (almost, at 8:30pm)!


Well… I’m surprised! I can’t remember the birthday with mud and rain! It’s usually something between “Snow forever!” or “Wow, It’s getting pretty cold!”. I remember how half of my birthday guests didn’t arrive because of cold. It was -27C  for a week and I turned 25 in that freezing winter.

In that day when mom called the ambulance and we drive to the hospital was sunny, cold day with black ice on the road. It was the year 1983. And now!? What’s going on!? +6C and raining?! Mud everywhere! Puddles and even snowdrops are coming out!!! Crazy! Normally in beginning of April!


The snowdrops still dreaming.

Happy to you all!


P.S. Yes we are living in the middle of a small hill.

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