Our travel trailer trip through Europe

It would be our first travel trailer trip. Actually, the third trip for me and Janis together, the second trip with kids (actually the first was 4 years ago when Nelle was only 9 months old and she was the one and only kid: we visited our friends in Germany!). AND this is our first trip as a family with more than one child! The first trip all 5 together.
First. With kids. All together.

So, we don’t know what does it mean to travel with kids. We will find out this summer! I hope to blog while we travel.

Our plan isactually, we don’t have a plan! Our only plan is to install solar panels and start our trip until May!!! Since we don’t know how to travel with kids… aaaand how to travel with travel trailer…neather. We gladly listen to those who have any experience.  If you have any suggestions let us know by comment below! We are ready to learn, to be together, to see Europe, to visit friends in France and Germany, to see a sunset in Spain and eat ice cream in Pisa Italy 🙂

Also, Nelle is in that age (5 years old in May) when she should recognize some letters and possibly write her name. And we need more time together to work on that! Also, we can learn a little bit about every country while we travel.. and so on! We already have few books and I’ll post about that later.

I believe it will be a fun time together!

Any suggestions?! We would love to hear – comment below!


P.S. Europ map is from here.



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