Snow, freeze, and Christmas… I meant Easter!

Winter is still standing behind springs shoulder. It was snowing yesterday! Easter snow?! Never happened before (or maybe I can’t recall…)

Yesterday the ground was wet and warm and snow didn’t stay for long.

But today I woke up to the white ground…. and it is freezing cold outside! -7C! The lowest temperature on April 18 in Latvia. It’s winter out there! Frost and snow and freezing cold. Brrr. And yesterday it felt like it’s Christmas, not Easter!

Oh, Mother Nature make up your mind! It’s time for spring not winter!

Our family trailer trip is postponed due to the weather. We can’t sleep in it while it’s so cold. We have the heating system in it, but it won’t work if it’s -7C outside! I can’t wait for spring to came… for the first time in my life! Usually, I wait for summer… but this time – warm spring is needed to start our travel trailer trip.



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