1337 1!k35 / 1337 likes


Try to read this:

! w0k3 up 4nd f!nd 0u7 7h47 ! h4v3 4 n3w 7r0phy !n w0rdpr355. 7h!5 7!m3 !7 !5 1337 1!k35. wh47 !5 50 5p3(!41 480u7 1337 y0u m!9h7 45k? 8u7 ! kn3w !7 r!9h7 4w4y. !7’5 4 50-(4113d 1337 14n9u493.
w!k!: 1337 (0r “1337”), 4150 kn0wn 45 31337 0r 13375p34k, !5 4n 4173rn47!v3 41ph4837 f0r m4ny 14n9u4935 7h47 !5 u53d pr!m4r!1y 0n 7h3 !n73rn37. !7 u535 50m3 (h4r4(73r5 70 r3p14(3 07h3r5 !n w4y5 7h47 p14y 0n 7h3 5!m!14r!7y 0f 7h3!r 91yph5 v!4 r3f13(7!0n 0r 07h3r r353m814n(3.

50 7h4nk y0u 411 f0r 1!k35, (0mm3n75 4nd f0110w5. mu(h 4ppr3(!473d.


In English:

I woke up and find out that I have a new trophy in WordPress. This time it is 1337 likes. What is so special about 1337 you might ask? But I knew it right away. It’s a so-called Leet language!
Wiki: Leet (or “1337”), also known as eleet or leetspeak, is an alternative alphabet for many languages that is used primarily on the Internet. It uses some characters to replace others in ways that play on the similarity of their glyphs via reflection or other resemblance.

So thank you all for likes, comments and follows. Much appreciated.


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