Grandma’s house

My grandmother Agafia died in the year 2004. Unfortunately, I can’t share a picture of here with you at the moment. I think when I’ll get back home I will find Agafia’s picture and will write a special blog post about her…

But for now, I can share a most peaceful place on earth – my childhood memories, my grandmother’s house. Our caravan is parked next to the house since all the yard still is too moist to park.


I love these huge and old oak trees, the park and the old house. This house tells stories! This house speaks to me through memories we had living there with our beloved grandmother!


6 thoughts on “Grandma’s house

  1. I frequently pass my grandma’s house and have just the same kind of memories and feelings though it’s not still in the family (nor in such a beautiful place). The major part of what I am came from grandma.

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  2. My grandparents lived next door to each other and even though they no longer live there, it is calming to drive past and reminisce about wonderful times spent with them. Such a peaceful place to enjoy your grandmother’s memory.


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