Mother’s day concert

We all spent a weekend together and shortly before Janis and girls were leaving I decide to go home too! And one of the reasons was – Nelle’s kindergarten had Mother’s day concert.


I’m glad I made such decision even Janis told me to stay in Salacgriva and relax till Thursday. Only one kid didn’t have mother or father attending the concert and she was so sad. Poor kid!


After Mother’s day concert we went to a small cafe (there are only four big and small in total) and had cake and ice cream shake. Girls loved this “short” cafe time and I did too!


12 thoughts on “Mother’s day concert

    1. 🙂 I love these sunglasses. I bought my first ever pair (is it pair?) of sunglasses this year and these are the same style but different color lense (is it lense?)!

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      1. Yes it’s pair, very confusing in the English language because there are so many words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings??? You would think that lens would be spelled that way, I actually had to look it up just to make sure??? Don’t worry about the little things, we all know what you mean, it only makes you more human and dear to us❤️

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