Preparing for a party: Rhubarb

Rhubarbs! Normally in Latvia, all country houses have one big rhubarb growing next to barn or in the garden. But not this old house! There is small rhubarb here but it doesn’t like to grow in this soil.

Lāsma 2018

But the best part in all this is, that Lāsma (neighbor about one and a half kilometer away from us) came with a bunch of rhubarbs today! Packed in zero-waist packaging, like her sister did in the year 2016 🙂


RHUBARB 2016.jpg
Liene 2016


My grandma’s rhubarb is growing since I can remember. When we will have our house we will plant rhubarb!


P.S. Lāsma & Liene I hope to see you on Saturdays’ party!

19 thoughts on “Preparing for a party: Rhubarb

  1. I don’t live in the Yorkshire ‘Rhubarb triangle’ though it’s close by. However, anyone with a vegetable garden here will have it growing and that includes some friends so I have a constant supply 😃 I like it with custard (traditional) or cream, or icecream and love it in ‘rhubarb crumble’!

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      1. I don’t usually make anything complicated. I just heat a little butter in a pan, cut the rhubarb into 2-3cm lengths, add the rhubarb and a good sprinking of sugar (I use unrefined ‘golden’ sugar), cover the pan and leave on a low heat until rhubarb is just soft (a few minutes) then adjust sweetening to taste. I’d usually eat it with custard if I can be bothered to make it, otherwise cream or icecream. Sometimes I’d put the cooked rhubarb in a pie. More often I’d make rhubarb ‘crumble’, which is just the rhubarb covered with sweet pastry ‘breadcrumbs’, ie rubbing butter, sugar and flour together till ‘breadcrumbs’ then spreading this on the rhubarb rather than making pastry, and baking till golden. This definitely merits proper custard, ie ‘crème Anglaise’ – vanilla flavoured egg yolks, sugar and milk, which takes only a few minutes to make.
        I’ll think about some other rhubarb recipes.

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          1. It’s a ‘posh’ name for custard! It has a reputation for being difficult to make, turns into ‘scrambled egg’ is you’re not careful, but with a thick based pan and care it isn’t difficult.


  2. The rhubarb in my yard isn’t ready yet but I can’t wait for it to come – probably in a week or two. I love it too. Maybe we can make rhubarb muffins. If I do, I’ll share the recipe.

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