When apple trees bloom

When apple trees bloom I feel summer is near! It’s getting warmer and warmer and the grass is growing inch per day! Apple trees are in bloom now in Latvia!

This year orchard looks like a blanket of light pink flowers full of bees and other insects.

Still a lot of dandelions 🙂

But I spent a bit of a time under the apple trees with my camera in hand. And Nelle asked for my old camera, to capture few pictures as well!

Nice! Nelle’s pictures are in the gallery below.

Not bad for Nelle, since Linna is the one who usually runs around with the camera in hand.


15 thoughts on “When apple trees bloom

  1. Nice to discover your blog Ilze, perhaps you will find mine too as a few years ago I lived in Riga and this here published an ebook related to this experience eheh stay safe and greetings from Portugal, PedroL

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    1. I hope so, but since we have more than 20 apple trees… I’m not worrying about apples…unless all the trees will have good crop! Then they rotten under trees 😦

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        1. Ha ha! Maybe, but not yet! We bought house a year ago and we aren’t close to move in, so no animals until we move in 🙂 We had 37 old apple trees in new (old – build 1880) house, but we cut most of them! Don’t hate us for that… It’s way too much. We left about 16, haven’t counted yet. And we planted 8 silver spruce already. Those apple trees were planted more than 80 years ago and they weren’t in good health. Also, they had cows to feed, we don’t. 🙂

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          1. We only have three apple trees and still manged to juice more than 100 litres, plus about 40 litres of cider, and the same for vinigar, plus eating for us and the goats. They are old trees, so only fruit every other year With the number of trees you have you could go into business 🙂

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            1. Business?! Well, every house at country side have such a big orchard 🙂 We once dreamed about wine or cider… But not sure if it’s something we want to do… Better gardening and apples for wasps 😀

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                1. Yes! Since Janis is working from home as a Programmer, I’m alone at gardening and garden businesses 🙂 And… I hope once Covid-19 ends people will come to my photostudio again…


  2. I was surprised it was Nelle who took the camera not Linna. Super!
    The apple blossom looks wonderful and your post was a joyful beginning to my day this morning. You know why I didn’t see it earlier.
    Stay safe all of you 😊

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