When apple trees bloom

When apple trees bloom I feel summer is near! It’s getting warmer and warmer and the grass is growing inch per day! Apple trees are in bloom now in Latvia! This year orchard looks like a blanket of light pink flowers full of bees and other insects. Still a lot of dandelions 🙂 But I spent a bit of a […]


A few days ago I cooked stew and had spare spring cabbage leaves to share. Also, plenty of dandelion leaves growing outside, so I suggested to pick those and go visit rabbits in our friends family house. It was 15 minute walk with my little ones and it was hot and sunny. We got water bottles with us and one […]

3 Edible Spring Greens

Finally, I can say I’m cured and the spring is here too! Finally, spring greens are coming out and we can make green smoothies, juices, and elixirs to get back on track. I’m low on iron as every spring and spring greens are essential for me to feel energized and healthy. Do you feel tired all the time? Check if […]