First picnic this year

This year’s first picnic was yesterday! It was windy and not at all sunny, cold and terrible… but I love nature and how it gives us energy!


Our picnics are spontaneous, quick, environment-friendly, almost sugar-free and short. I don’t cook for hours and we don’t enjoy sitting in a picnic spot for hours. Also, I’m not sure if we ever been in spot for more than 1 hour.


We packed in less than 10 minutes and headed to our favorite picnic spot in a forest. Since it was windy and one of the roads was crossed by a fallen tree we decide that our favorite spot will be – perfect! No trees around (in the middle of the forest)! Good!


We had lovely time even with the wind! Helmī was sleeping in the car and Janis had to work (yesterday was working day here in Latvia, “changed” from 30th April).  But still, they were close to nature.


Homemade coffee in a porcelain cup is something you aren’t ashamed to show Mother Nature! 🙂


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