Our beloved caravan

I think I didn’t mention that we pulled out our caravan from neighbors barn (read Jani’s parents barn)! Towed to the car and brought it here!


P.S. These are my first sunglasses ever 🙂


It feels like summer can begin! I know it’s far from summer cause wind just pull up our trampoline and throw into the porch… but still: good thoughts is what makes life colorful and easy going :).

The caravan is her – now the hardest work – clean it, check it, repair it, then to the institution that gives permission to participate in traffic (we have to do it every year, crazy!) and our traveling days can begin!

This year we will travel around Latvia, so… maybe you would like to come too :).


5 thoughts on “Our beloved caravan

  1. YES, yes, yes – I would love that. As far as I know, caravans here in UK don’t have to have an annual inspection. From 20 May nor does my 45 year old camper (perhaps as well as new EU ‘MOT’ is of course designed by EU bureaucrats for modern cars). I wouldn’t take it on the rosd if I didn’t know it was safe.
    You said “our beloved”. Does he/she have a name. Ours does, like every other classic VW campervan I think.
    Love the sunglasses!

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  2. It looks like you’ve been wearing sunglasses all your life, you picked a very flattering pair and you look glamerous!!!😎 I’m looking forward to your adventures in the caravan, one of my dreams is to travel across our country in one!!!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I ordered online (just in case) they are light weight and I love them. Look a bit like teen, but don’t care! May your dreams come true!! Fingers crossed 🙂

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