Words starting with certain letter

About a year ago I made letter learning pages for my girls. It was hard for me to find the words (only nouns) with a certain letter. For example. Letter A – apple..?? mmm… !? ant…!!??

OK, let’s try S… snake! snow! sun! Am I good?! NO! I needed 5 minutes to get those 3 words!


It’s hard in both Latvian and English for me. How about you!? Is it hard for you too?

I have friend Laine, who helped me out with the nouns I needed for kids workbooks I made. Without here I was lost and struggle with every single letter!

I’m challenging myself. I’m gonna use random letter generator online to generate a letter. Then I’ll try to find what is around me starting with that letter. Take a picture and when I collect 3 or more “things” I write a blog post. Also. These words will be in Latvian so you can learn or see/read Latvian. Let’s call it #wordchallenge OK?

It’s for me – to take more time to see what’s around me. To make my brains work. To take my camera out and start taking pictures or to open all those archives of pictures on my computer and find one. To spend time doing what I love – taking pictures and blogging about nothing vital 🙂

I hope you will learn Latvian or at least enjoy the pictures 🙂 or you can take part too by sharing words starting with a certain letter.



10 thoughts on “Words starting with certain letter

  1. Sounds fun; I look forward to it and learning a little Latvian. Alliteration isn’t quite the same thing; it’s a series of words which each begin with the same sound (which may or may not be the same letter). One of the best known alliterative phrases in English is:
    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
    There are many others. Here’s one I’ve just made up for you:
    Phantom females find phrases for fools following Philomena. 😜

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