Randu pļavas

Yesterday we were celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. We left our three girls to my mom for an hour and a half and had a walk in the Nature reserve Randu pļava. The Randu pļava is a nature reserve covering the area of Vidzeme seaside from Ainazi till Kuivizi. The 200 ha area is home to approximately 600 Latvian plant species including 37 species that are rare and endangered in Latvia and other European countries.


Randu pļava has been created in order to protect biotopes and diversity of species, as well as nesting grounds for migrating birds.


Territory corresponds with criteria of „Natura 2000” so according to the law „On especially protected nature territories” it has been proclaimed as EU level protected territory „Natura 2000”.


There are three zones in the territory of reserve – restricted area zone, nature park zone and neutral zone. Restricted area zone has been created in order to protect seaside meadows and lagoons with characteristic species of plants and animals. Nature park zone has been created in order to protect the seaside biotopes and endangered species, and the education and relaxation of society are allowed in here.


Neutral zone has been created in order to ensure the protection of landscape, to promote sustainable development and economic management in local farms.


Nature park zone has a nature trail that leads to bird watching tower. We had a lovely walk, sunny weather, and beautiful nature. If you are close to my hometown, be sure to visit.


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