Getting better and better

I’m sitting in between mountains and thinking about how easy it is for me to travel with the kids and Janis. It’s so easy I might not want to go back anymore. But how!? How we will manage traveling full time?! And Nelle has to start school after a year. Don’t know. It’s so breathtaking even think about it!

For now, we just chill until the money is all gone 🙂

Free parking is the thing here in Germany. You can easily find a place where to stay for the night. We find a super nice spot near some basketball center in Bamberg. We stayed there for one night.

We visited the nearest Seehof Castle and had our first restaurant/cafe meal. This small castle was beautiful. We spent time walking in the garden of the castle while sunbathing. At the parking lot, Janis checked the solar panel and find out that electricity is coming in – finally! We got back all the electricity I spend to do the laundry the other day. Good.

We had to visit a shop before we are leaving for the next adventure. After the shop, we decide to go back to that playground and picnic there. Oh, what a good time we had there.

Thank you, Nicola!



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