Between mountains: Ramsthal

e tWe decided to go to Ramsthal…. Why Ramsthal? I have to ask: Why not!? There should be free parking with necessary facilities. Will see…

It is so easy to travel like this. Just go where the road invites you. After an hour drive, we were in Ramsthal – beautiful village in between mountains. The view for us was splendid.

I even called (video call) my brother! But he said that we have to visit Austria. Who cares about Austria when Ramsthal gives all we need :).

We spent the night there and had a picnic next day. In the daylight, the view was even better! There was a wine field on the side of the mountain. Information board showed that there are few walking routes around in the mountains. We tried one and after a few hundred meters decide to turn back. It went up the hill and it was sunny and hot outside. Too hot to walk!

Went back and had a picnic in the shade. We gave girls our “busy bag” and they were busy for a while. Janis took the car and went for an ice cream hunt :).

What can I say… lovely! It looked like the rain was coming and we decide to pack and go further. We even cached the rain!


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