Are we heading home? Lich.

Germany is big so we decided to go closer to Latvia from Ramsthal…. Why? Janis vacation ends up on 8th of June… but he can take few more weeks off without salary. We still got money to travel a bit and small village Lich that offers a big & free playground is a place we have to visit. So it’s settled we are going closer to Latvia …. like heading back! Let’s enjoy!

Lich! Oh, we had to drive all the way around to get in the Lich… There was a road construction. So after seeing the forest and fields, driving forest roads, we were in the Lich and ready to have some fun in “kids park”.

We aren’t used to playgrounds by the way. In Latvia, we live in the countryside and there are no playgrounds. The only playground girls had was the kindergarten playground that’s nothing we are visiting right now! So they are excited and ready to visit a new place if there is a playground included. How easy is that!?

So we stayed in the Lich in the big and marvelous shaded playground with manual water pump for the kids to play….. water + kids = free day for mom 🙂

For me, it was a busy & crowded park but for the local people they say it’s too lazy and there is “no people at all”. We had a nice chat with the woman who also has 3 kids (15, 10 and 1 year old) and it made my day. I guess I like to communicate and talk to people.

We cooked risotto and had a nice day in the park and we were ready to find another place to stay. Closer to Latvia….


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