Hometown Salacgriva

Our next stop was Salacgriva. We all wanted to meet my mom. Girls were sad when we left Gauja National Park, cause they meat wonderful friend Normunds and didn’t want to leave. But when I told that next stop is Salacgriva, they were so happy! Linna especially!

So, after a one and a half hour drive, we were in Salacgriva. My mom as always greeted us with dinner! I know there are moms who don’t care, don’t feel the need to feed the family. I’m glad my mom does! She feels like she is responsible for us now and will cook all the meals, but I don’t like it, cause we won’t be free. So we decide to talk to hear and she was happy about cooking just one meal (not breakfast, we would love to sleep in if girls will let us 🙂 ). So…


We parked caravan near my grandmothers’ old house (she passed away 12 years ago). The house is very old and requires for renovation but that is brothers “thing”, he is the “owner” of this property. I think he will build a new house instead of this old one. I love old, he likes new 🙂


Anyway, we had a lovely time here in Salacgriva. Somehow our first visit after a winter is when the cowslip (Primula veris) is blooming. I love to pick cowslip for tea! I hope you remember last years picking.. if not see the picture below 🙂


This year girls saw the cowslips and run to pick them up all over the yard while I and my mom had a sunbath! Nice to have helping hands!

Next stop… well there won’t be next stop for a while, but about that tomorrow!


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