Tea time… all the time!

Is there anyone else, who never tried black tea with milk before… or even black tea as itself didn’t fit in your everyday “cup of”!?


And then one day, someone sends you a package with cookies and black tea (Thank you, grumpytyke) and you decide to try… and do it properly… with milk!!!

I Did it! I tried black tea with milk!


And now it’s hard to add coffee back to my regular “cup of”! It’s “Cup of tea” that sticks with me everywhere I go for now.

Saturday I made a cup of coffee like I always liked… and after try it… gave it to Janis. Interesting!


39 thoughts on “Tea time… all the time!

  1. I love a good cup of tea, Yorkshire tea is the best and no Yorkshire~person would have it without milk. Coffee now and then, at weekends, made with beans which I grind, then when brewed a little bit of cream! 🙂 I love the glass up.

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  2. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the tea. I was quite prepared for you not to; as you know, Petronela doesn’t like it. I drank coffee in the morning (a habit I picked up in Romania) but after I had been in hospital a couple of years ago I found I didn’t like it and went to tea. As you know, now I drink it first thing in the morning and anytime in the day. However, at the moment as you also know I’m drinking two double espressos between 8am and 9-10am. No other coffee. I’ll revert to normal when I don’t go into the lub for the WiFi Monday-Friday. I don’t drink any coffee at the weekend.

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    1. I am (was) a coffee lover. I’ve tried to quit coffee but I can’t.. no matter what. So it’s interesting that now I’m drinking tea.. no more coffee… Amazing I would say 😀


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