Happy Mail Day #3

Yes, Yes, Yes! It feels like I’m back to cardmaking! I began to order die cuts and embossing folders, get creative and spend time in my craft corner! Usually, I have to wait from 3 weeks to 2 months for the package to travel to Latvia.  The best part is to receive it finally and to open them!


Cause sometimes I forget what exactly I ordered… Does anyone else has to wait so long for the package to arrive that starting to forgot what’s inside?!


I love these new die cuts! I still need to make Christmas Cards to send out! As you know I’ve started making cards for a company my friend working in and I finished them yesterday. I can’t share the final product yet, but I can share a few pictures “in between” (Jodi from lifeinbetween.me, I’m thinking about you!)


The colors match company’s logo so this card won’t look traditional (red, green, brown, white). I love the result. This year it was hard to offer and “deal” with color coding. It’s done and I enjoyed it! All those 135 snowflakes I had to make…. no, really, I enjoyed it!


12 thoughts on “Happy Mail Day #3

    1. Thank you! Yes, that was my dream 5 years ago when I started. Now it’s not such a big income and I’m happy to give cards for free (except Christmas, then I don’t have time to make free cards)!
      But once I thought to put cards in blog and the first who wants can get the card from me either blank or with “wish” from me 🙂
      I did that on FB and there where those who didn’t like it for safety reasons… like I care where you live and I have nothing better to do – than come and get you 😀

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    1. I had examples on my other blog, but I closed it and now I wasn’t into card making, since I had to take care for my 3 girls 🙂 BUT I’m coming back, so there will be examples soon 🙂

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