Auseklītis / Early Morning Star


HTB1ANhAcyERMeJjSspjq6ApOXXaRI was surprised to find this die cut on the internet. For me, it is something so Latvian. It is not just a random pattern – it is Latvian symbol – Auseklītis!

Auseklis (The Morning Star)

Auseklis is the Morning Star (Venus).

The symbol is one of many ancient cosmological and magical symbols used in Eastern European folk art and represents the god/goddess as the personification of the planet Venus.


Her rays protect sleeping souls from the forces of evil. The eight-pointed symbol of the star is used in magical rites, and you must draw this symbol without lifting your hand (in one go) if your spell is to have the desired results!


In the 1980s, the Auseklītis became the symbol of the third Latvian National Awakening.

Happy to have Auseklitis die cut! Now I can make Latvian cards :)… already did!


8 thoughts on “Auseklītis / Early Morning Star

  1. Really great to see this. When the sky is clear we see Venus very bright from our sitting room window in the morning. It always makes the day begin with optimism. It is well known in Romanian culture too in which it is known as Luceafărul. Their most renowned poet, Mihai Eminescu, wrote a (long) poem with that title. Every Romanian high school student knows it. It was great to learn about the Latvian one. Good luck with the Latvian cards.

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