Hate doing laundry!

Normally day starts with loading and unloading a washing machine… hang cloth for air-drying… iron/fold and put “in place”. Imagine that?! Right every day – once or twice a day.

I hate doing laundry and especially if all my effort is down the drain cause may be “the water is too hard” or “the washing powder isn’t too good” or “the washing machine isn’t properly working”…


Week ago I said – that’s it and bought a new washing machine. Yes, brand new! And the reason for that is – the previous washing machine isn’t ours, so now we will have ours. Still, we will bring the old one to the repairer and try to fix it. But there something wrong with that old machine for sure! It isn’t washing the clothes properly!


Now – introducing my new helper – BOSCH Serie 6 washing machine! I’m happy… Helmī is happy, cause finally, she sees water in the washing machine and finds it interesting. Yes, you heard it right, the previous washing machine made cloth a bit wet and when rinse – also in the small amount of water. Water saving – hurray! BUT –  it was way too fewer water :). And yes, I checked if there isn’t set “water saving” option. Also, I’ve seen “water saving” before. This was half of that amount.

So… Now I’m happy to have BOSCH washing machine!




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