May 4, Restoration of Independence Day

We had a very cold night -6C, all the plum trees and cherries already were in blossom! No good! Today is our restoration of Independence Day (from the Soviet Union). We went outside to see if the plums and cherries are ok, but I doubt, cause all the petals were falling… Made a photoshoot with two of my girls in […]

Auseklītis / Early Morning Star

  I was surprised to find this die cut on the internet. For me, it is something so Latvian. It is not just a random pattern – it is Latvian symbol – Auseklītis! Auseklis (The Morning Star) Auseklis is the Morning Star (Venus). The symbol is one of many ancient cosmological and magical symbols used in Eastern European folk art and […]

18th November – Latvia’s Independence Day

18 November is the Independence Day of Latvia — there were no borders set, a group of dedicated nationalists proclaimed an independent Latvian state on this date in 1918. Several months after this courageous step had been made, military interventions still went on — the Russian Empire did not want to lose this important territory. This day is still the most important national […]

Long day…

Today was a long, long, long day. I woke up at 7 am and went outside to catch a sunlight while girls were sleeping. After 20 minutes I went back in to check if Helmī is up and she was. Smiling like a sun from her crib! Good morning! After breakfast, we discovered that our car doesn’t have the right towing hitch! […]