Nelles’ first Homework

Sunday evening…. I would say late night for the kid. It was 10pm. I opened her bag to put washed clothes in (usually they need a skirt for dance and a sportswear for sports lesson)… and Nelle grabs notebook with a surprised face and says: “OMG! I forgot to do the homework!!!”  Runs to her room and opens it… and starts to do homework in hurry… with the left hand – she’s lefthanded! I put the fresh cloth in her bag and walk to hear and ask no to hurry. But she said to me: “I have to, I can do better later!”. After few seconds, it’s done and she’s ready for next day.


Well, also she asked me to fill another page with stripes so she can do better tomorrow. I did. Next day, after a kindergarten I reminded her once… she told that she will do tomorrow for sure. Next day I reminded again… and asked if the teacher doesn’t want to see that homework and she answered me: “Not today, I’ll do it tomorrow! I don’t wanna do that…” And I said: “Fine, but the teacher will ask you, not me, this is your homework, not mine! And I can’t help this will be your responsibility.”


Inside I believe she will learn that she has to do something even she doesn’t want (a.k school and homework) but for now, I don’t feel like I have to “push” her. She’s only 5… 🙂


P.S. I will ask here tomorrow again…

5 thoughts on “Nelles’ first Homework

  1. Dear Ilze, it’s never a good idea to “push” kids; better to bribe them, i.e. offer rewards for desired outcomes. Rewards could be very small, or even star stickers or smiley faces that add up to something bigger by Sunday.
    Isn’t it exciting, though?

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