Popcorn & Popcorn maker

Popcorn… Last time I ate popcorn was 7 years ago in a cinema! I can’t recall the movie, but the popcorn was good. I like salty popcorn but it somehow isn’t the treat we choose to buy or make! We can live without popcorn easily.retro-sweet-pop-popcorn-maskin

Now with the kids, I’m looking for sugar-free treats that girls would love. Like carrots, nuts, and apples. On Helmī birthday I thought about popcorn… I didn’t make it, cause I can’t find corn kernels in local shops (imagine that!) and the only popcorn I found was sweet & salty caramel popcorn… that has loads of sugar in it.

Now. We are making popcorn at home almost every night. My mom found popcorn kernels in a local shop at Salacgriva and I bought popcorn maker that looks nice on a party table. Don’t ask… I saw this and fell in love even I don’t eat popcorn on regular bases… This maker makes popcorn using hot air. No butter or oil needed. Girls love air puffed popcorn and it’s better than other sweets. Nelle is very sensitive to sugar but also does have sweet tooth… Hard for her.

Those who look for something healthier should define what “healthy” means to them. For us – I ordered organic corn kernels online and have air-puffer! SO…. even I add a bit of melted butter and salt – it’s more than OK with us :).



9 thoughts on “Popcorn & Popcorn maker

  1. Sounds good. We like, and buy, something which is just maize and very little sunflower oil, no additives whatsover. They are common in Romania but I don’t know whether anything similar is made anywhere else. They are called ‘pufuleți’. One brand uses palm oil and is a little salted. Both brands may be a problem for people with a gluten allergy as there is a warning that they may contain traces of other cereals. We don’t have any allergies and buy ours from the local Romanian shop but I’m sure it’s much more fun seeing popcorn made on the table.

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  2. My daughter’s family has Family Movie Night every Friday evening and it cannot happen for my grandsons without popcorn. It has become a tradition for them. Such a fun treat for them to see it pop and then eating something so tasty. Here in the Midwest where popcorn is grown in large quantities, we have stores that sell many flavors of popcorn, some sweet, some savory, some a mixture. I am a purist. I love it with just a little salt.

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    1. It’s nice that they are making it fresh at home! I’m not “professional” popcorn eater, but I assume that packed / premade popcorn isn’t that good 🙂


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