Salacgriva / Moms birthday party

We were in Salcgriva yesterday for my moms birthday party. She celebrated her 64th birthday and had dinner at home. Just all together: me & my family, brother with his and my mom. She doesn’t like to celebrate or make parties.

We had my favorite kotletes (meatballs!? She knows how to make delicious, juicy meatballs for sure) for dinner with potatoes, gravy, and sauerkraut. Yummy! We didn’t have “full of sugar” birthday cake instead mom baked apple upside down cake and served it with whipped cream.

We had a walk to the sea (Gulf of Riga) and that’s it. Said goodbye and drive 185km back home 🙂


P.S. Nelle and Linna chose her outfit…. Helmī is my style 🙂 velour shorts with a t-shirt.


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