Brisk & Short morning walk

(Do I always start my blog with “I”?) I’m not fit. And by fit, I didn’t mean fit like fit into UK10/US12 size dress but fit with a fit body. Cardio! Okay, I have really bad cardio! My mom is a brisk walker! And she just turned 64!!!! We had a walk on Saturday and I was like “slow down, slow down!”. We walked about 2 km… to the sea and back. I can’t ketch my breath!

I know that I won’t be fit overnight but I need to start. All the girls are in the kindergarten form 8am until 4pm and while there aren’t viruses & colds that bring them home & stay in bed and me be responsible to take care, I need to have those morning brisk walks to get fit! I’m not the gym person and that isn’t an option.

So I had my first brisk walk: to the farther away fish pound and back. It’s exactly 1 km one way… 2 km in total! (I’ve just checked and I’m shocked! I thought I’m having 3 km brisk walk… oh well… bad cardio!). Got back home and had to change a T-shirt! Crazy!

Also, fresh air is what I have around and is what I and actually we all need! Go for a walk!


P.S. Now I’m looking at the pictures… someone captured them – so maybe it wasn’t that brisk!? 🙂

27 thoughts on “Brisk & Short morning walk

  1. It’s a great place to start!! Taking care of ourselves takes practice. You’ll get longer and more brisk as you do it more so just celebrate doing something good for yourself:)

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  2. Sounds like me,, I’m not gym person . I started riding my bike. And just stopped sugar.. amazing results.. slow steps and you’ll feel great .. way to go and by the way enjoy getting fit. That’s how I did it.. I enjoyed it🙂🙂🙂

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            1. Oh my! Every holiday I promise not to overeat 😀 and after holiday have soup days 🙂 Just can’t stand Latvian “holiday” kitchen with potatoes, meat, sauerkraut and gingerbread cookies 🙂


    1. No timing for me.. I just need to get out and start walking… it’s already an achievement 🙂 I hope one day I will be use to it.. so do it automatically after breakfast.


  3. Hi Ilze. Missed this post as we had to go into the city to sort out financial things; hate it. It looks as though you have the ideal place to walk; for me, at least, the environment is so important. So, my walk to the lake and back the other day, not truly rural, wore me out. The walk in the city, probably the same distance, wore me out too. But the much more energetic walk on Friday at Malham didn’t tire me at all – a mixture of real fresh air and some sun I think. I should really do it while I can as for two/three years I couldn’t manage more than 200 metres. Here a lot of people run, or jog, which is much less beneficial than a brisk walk. As for the gym, I’m with you – ridiculous, particularly here where the hills , and swinging on a few trees 🙂 , can test and build anyone’s fitness, breathing fresh air not someone else’s sweat.

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  4. About 3 months ago I started walking to get healthier. At the beginning I could only walk around the block without stating to huff and puff. Each week, I added a little more distance. Now I walk about 5K a day and feel so much better about it. The only problem is the time I walk – the early morning is not so light anymore as winter approaches. I do not like walking in the dark….so, now I must adjust my day. You can do it too! Keep walking!

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  5. I’m one of those people that find it difficult walking without having to go somewhere. Love swimming but I never loose weight and you don’t really know how fit you are until you stop . I have had to stop because I’m looking after my granddaughters but more than ready to start again

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