Sea: Gulf of Riga

We call it sea. But it’s a gulf.Doesn’t matter. Nelle calls it a big lake. Anyway…

Gulf of Riga or “big lake”

Girls were at sea again. It’s not that warm yet but Janis and girls love the sea and I think free time might be handy. So, I let them go and have fun in the sand…. not water! It’s way too cold for girls, me or Janis.

Doing laundry

So they did enjoy the sea very much and I know that it’s because they were there with dad. Who is awesome! He let girls near water and even take the cold water to play. They can trough sand all around and he won’t stop them from doing that.

Backing muffins

And why should he..Β they were the only ones in the whole seashore. Awesome. And now it’s time to wash their hair (it’s full of sand) and make a herbal tea.

Nothing better than air-dried laundry

My girls are happy and I did the laundry (that never goes away, even in the caravan)! Good job! Nice day.


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