I’m hurting myself

I was a young girl… I wanted to make career and the reason was my family was broken. My dad was an alcoholic and my mom tries to pay bills and feed us. It was an interesting time and experience in my life.


I knew that I need a good education to have a well-payed job to be an independent. And in the scenario, if my husband will be and alcoholic I can be independent and feed my kids easily.

Nothing about “who I am?”, “what I like?”, “what I want?”, “what’s in my heart?”.

And now!  25 years, master degree, well-payed job, career, marriage and 3 kids later I stop hurting myself!

I’m done with an IT. IT isn’t the thing I like / love or can’t live without. I was there, I was good but it’s time to move on. To do what I love, to find what I love, to be with my family and don’t think about “what if!?”.

I’m here and I’m free. Finally…..

“But life isn’t just fun and games!!” some say. But how do you know that!? Maybe for me, it is. I’ll figure that out. By myself, right now, right?!


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