A bit of the sun and the wind: Salacgriva

Today we had sunny weather here in Salacgriva. Still windy, but sunny! No rain! All the ground is soaking wet and muddy, so girls still need rain boots and the wind asks for warm fleece jackets, too.

Baltic sea is 2 km away from us, so Janis took two bigger girls to the sea. To play in the sand. After a good two hours, they were back with blue lips and sandy toes! Nelle found a coin… 5 rubles! I was surprised cause it isn’t from Soviet Union time! I have to check the coin later. It’s rusty. Nelle was so excited, that she didn’t want to let go her treasure and wash her sandy and cold hands!

Also, we were interested in the lichen….

…and flowers with bumblebee.

Had potato pancakes for dinner. Ilona – my brother’s girlfriend made them. They were so delicious that I have to ask for the recipe! I never ever was lucky enough to eat such a tasty potato pancakes! Awesome day!

And at the end of the day, we had a walk in the sunset with my brother, Ilona and her dog. Lovely!





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