My Birthday Girl!!!!

Today is Helmī Saule’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe it! Oh, well I can believe it but still… 2 years! That’s serious! She’s not a baby anymore! She’s a girl! GIRL! This Monday she had her first one hour visit to the kindergarten. We had to play peek a boo to get her dressed. I had … More My Birthday Girl!!!!

Woolly Milk-cap

I can’t resist foraging for mushrooms this year! Especially when there are a lot of mushrooms everywhere. I don’t like forage for mushrooms in big/unknown forests alone. But this year to get wild mushrooms you don’t have to drive to the forest. I can forage mushrooms near home. Only 10-minute walk from my home! How can you resist … More Woolly Milk-cap

Cousins 1st Birthday

We receive an invitation to our sibling’s cousins 1st Birthday! They have only one cousin and that’s from Janis side. His name is David and it’s Janis sister’s first child. They were celebrating the 1st week and 1st month and 6 months and so on and now it’s finally a first-year celebration. We were welcomed … More Cousins 1st Birthday