Art School for Nelle

Last time Nelle had her art class was before Christmas and the next time the Art School opened was on Monday 8th of January! This period without the Art School was hard for Nelle and me! She asked 100 times – When will the school open!?


For example, on Monday they have to paint a picture on a sandpaper using crayons! I would never think of that :). The print they had to paint is famous Latvian painter Irbīte’s artwork.

I try to do my best and involve my girls in cooking, cleaning, feeding the cat, etc. but Nelle likes being in the Art School and does everything without hurry! Here at home, we have Helmī that will grab Nelles pencils and run away! Disturb Nelle, by adding scribbles on Nelles works. The reason why we don’t have felt pens at home is Helmī! She grubs them and run, like to paint on walls, and floors and scribble on a table, etc… I can’t be with Helmī all the time, and she doesn’t learn to behave with felt pens. So, no felt pens in this house until Helmī gets a bit bigger… So Nelle enjoys peace and harmony that is at the Art School!


After getting home from Art School, other two girls isn’t home, so we have usual mother-daughter chat with tea and cookies!


17 thoughts on “Art School for Nelle

  1. As I said before, she really is talented. She may be copying Irbīte but there’s so much creativity in her picture and, I also said before, shades of van Gogh!
    So good you can occasionally have a time with just one of your lovely girls, whichever one, so can have that cosy ‘chat’

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  2. Stunning art work!!! Miss those times when Nick took art classes, loved looking at his art work and other kids’ art. He learnt to draw pretty well! How about washable markers for Helmi? I had those when Nick was little. We had washable pencils crayons too, he drew on tiles during bath time (bathroom art LOL). Love those times when I can share a meal with my son! Love your tea set!! What kind of cookies you guys had?

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    1. Never hear of washable markers. Washing out from clothes or also from sofa, floor, etc. We have leather sofa and it was nightmare to get those colors off! Also from our natural floor :).

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  3. Great that Nelle’s art classes have resumed. It is obvious she loves going. Looks like a budding artist to me. So wonderful that you can have one on one with each of your girls occasionally! It is good for everyone…and creates lifelong memories. Very special.

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  4. Wow! She sounds really young and her painting is great. I just got a bunch of art books and am teaching myself. In one of the books it recommends to study from the greats.

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