Digital Art

Ups and Downs, but in dark times comes bright ideas! Do you remember Marley? Dark times bring dark thoughts… Since I don’t know how to draw… paint… sketch. Played around in photoshop and made this: Instagram account: artfromthephoto Ilze

Art School for Nelle

Last time Nelle had her art class was before Christmas and the next time the Art School opened was on Monday 8th of January! This period without the Art School was hard for Nelle and me! She asked 100 times – When will the school open!? For example, on Monday they have to paint a picture on a sandpaper using crayons! I would never think […]

Nelle’s Art School!

For the last time this year, Nelle was on her School of Art on Monday. She had a wonderful time and she loves to be there. Next year she will be going for sure. But I won’t do that without my neighbor Lāsma! Thank you! She’s has already been asking how much days till 8th January.. and of course till Christmas! […]

School of Art for Nelle

Thanks to my new neighbor, Lāsma (who has a son the same age as Nelle and moved here about a month ago), my oldest girl is registered in the school of art! Last Monday we were in the art school for the first time and she loved it! And now she’s  been asking if it’s Monday and can we go […]