School of Art for Nelle

Thanks to my new neighbor, Lāsma (who has a son the same age as Nelle and moved here about a month ago), my oldest girl is registered in the school of art!

Last Monday we were in the art school for the first time and she loved it! And now she’s  been asking if it’s Monday and can we go to the art school again :). And I’m glad she liked, cause she’s been asking me to bring here there since September…


About me and getting out: I’m “sitting at home” not going anywhere, only outside for the walk, I don’t like drive, I don’t like to be in the city, it makes me dizzy. So this is big for me, I’m out of the home and I had to wear something “good”. I can’t go out in leggings and t-shirt…


So last Monday while kids were in the art school we were in the local cafe (we have 2 cafes) and tasted Apple Strudel with Ice cream and I didn’t take coffee! I took hot chocolate. Celebrated our kids first day at art school

When we came in the classroom to pick them up they were the only ones left at the desk doing something “artsy”.


P.S. Sometimes I think I have “problem” but trust me I’m very friendly and communicable. I just feel good at home…

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