Home alone

Or should I say – Home alone with Linna? Last week was interesting! Interesting cause we were apart from each other! Janis went to Riga to sign a new contract with a new IT company. And stayed in Riga for two days.


As you know Nelle has time with me on Mondays, after School of Art. Helmī is at home more often than others, so it felt like Linna don’t have here quality time with me. Now it was her time to stayed at home and get my full attention! I felt that she appreciates that a lot. We cooked together, we walked together, we cycled on the ice together (don’t ask!) and drunk tea together.


She loved to put jigsaw puzzles together without disturbance of Helmī or Nelle.  She started early morning and continue through the day. The best part of that was that those puzzles was for 5+ and she is only 3 (ok, almost 4!). She did all the puzzles and refused my help saying: “You better go! I can do this!”. Nice. Had no problem staying alone with Linna! I can’t say the same about Helmī. I’m tired as hell after left alone with her! 🙂


After she asked if we can eat dinner on the table in living room, as we do when celebrating something, I realized that she wants to celebrate being at home alone with me – a special day! A special day indeed! Celebrating life. While other two girls were with grandparents.


6 thoughts on “Home alone

  1. As you say, so important for each child in a family with several children for each one to have some time when thet have mum’s complete attention; important for Mum too. I think ‘middle’ children often miss out on this from my experience of being the eldest of three brothers.

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    1. I agree about middle kid.It’s like sandwich baby – in the middle of two soft white bread slices :). I hope I can continue like that, but lately my “heart is heavy”, I run out of breath and I guess it’s time to visit a doctor 😦

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