We are still in Latvia. Can’t start our journey. Yesterday Janis installed solar panel on the roof of caravan. We where happy – finally it’s there and we can go. But then suddenly our caravan started to blink like a Christmas tree.

Safety first! 1am Janis discovered where the problem was and started to fix it. But couldn’t finish it without special fixes/wires – sold in special shop witch was closed. 

So sit’s 8:40 am and we are up waiting for Janis to return from the shop with the “solution”…. and then we might start our journey. 

Girls was upset when I told them that we can’t start our journey yet. And I understand them we promised to start it 3 days ago, then there was problem with solar panels and then we promised again – tomorrow. And we can’t go because of the solar panels once again and I was so naive to tell them that we will certainly go tomorrow. And I was wrong and girls where crying and my heart was broken… 

… I’m not promising anything anymore! It’s too painful!


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