We are still in Latvia. Can’t start our journey. Yesterday Janis installed solar panel on the roof of caravan. We where happy – finally it’s there and we can go. But then suddenly our caravan started to blink like a Christmas tree.

Safety first! 1am Janis discovered where the problem was and started to fix it. But couldn’t finish it without special fixes/wires – sold in special shop witch was closed. 

So sit’s 8:40 am and we are up waiting for Janis to return from the shop with the “solution”…. and then we might start our journey. 

Girls was upset when I told them that we can’t start our journey yet. And I understand them we promised to start it 3 days ago, then there was problem with solar panels and then we promised again – tomorrow. And we can’t go because of the solar panels once again and I was so naive to tell them that we will certainly go tomorrow. And I was wrong and girls where crying and my heart was broken… 

… I’m not promising anything anymore! It’s too painful!


10 thoughts on “Worried

  1. That’s very sad, and I hope you can get starte soon.
    Hovever, now that you have learned not to promise anything you can’t guarantee to deliver, you know more than any politician alive!


  2. That’s so sad. There is always some kind of unfortunate surprises in life. I hope things will get solved soon and girls would understand as they grow up. Be strong Ilze. have a good day 🙂


  3. Sorry that you are not on the road yet but you will be soon. Much better to disappoint the girls and have them safe. Disappointment will soon be forgotten once you start travelling and the adventures begin!

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