Walking around the Purezers

This is one of those beautiful places in Latvia, you never knew before. I was surprised when my brother offered to drive to Purezers lake and have a walk around it.


I didn’t know such place nor such lake. But some say it’s worth visit. So, we all packed into a brothers car. His car has 9 seats. And headed to the Purezers.


After a 50-minute drive, we were in the forest and ready to explore Purezers. Beautiful! We walked along the trail and enjoyed scenic views of the bog landscape and lake Purezers.


Dry pine forest, bog, and lake. Berries and bog plants. We ate the bilberries and bog bilberries.


Nice for the family with small kids but it’s not accessible for visitors with baby carriages.


All the trail (trampled footpath and in bog part wooden footbridges) is 3 kilometers long but it felt less.



We had a lovely walk and we enjoyed time together. All my family together.


I’m glad my brother persuade me for this evening together. All together!


P.S. As usually I and Janis isn’t in the photos :). Sorry!

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