Sad girls…

…they were sad when I said “NO!” to snow angels and jumping around in snow cause they were all dressed up for going to Gulbene! Yes, we have separate cloth for city and home! Otherwise, you can’t survive in the countryside!IMG_20171204_193044_596.jpg

And it doesn’t matter actually, cause when I told, that we are going to the shop… they were running to get into the car! Cause it’s not every day we are getting to the shop and also, there aren’t big shops in Gulben but for my girls it’s huge! I guess in a shopping mall they will be lost in no time (and me too)!


I don’t like going shopping… it takes too much time and energy! Janis likes to run into a small shop and buy few things what’s needed, like cottage cheese, bread, leek, etc…


P.S. They are wearing rabbit scarfs my mom made as a Christmas present for girls. They love that scarfs!!!

9 thoughts on “Sad girls…

  1. I don’t like shopping either. If I go myself it’s just about bearable. If I go with Petronela it’s a nightmare, and takes at least twice the time. I can believe the girls love their bunny scarves. The only way to take them to a big ‘shopping mall’ (like the Trinity Centre in Leeds) here would be to have them on reins – they seem to be out of fashion now but were common when I was little.

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    1. Nooooo…. not that!!!! Just add GPS and let them go away and experience “I’m lost!!!”… In India mother’s don’t watch kids, kids watch mothers! And that’s how I would love it 🙂

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