Yesterday’s PJ party

Girls stayed at grandparents house cause we had the date night (one in 4 years!). I slept only a few hours before girls came home from grandparents. I was tired and sleepy and tried to deal with dirty kitchen and dishes. Janis took two older girls out to have fun in the snow.

After they came in, it got darker and I suggested to make a PJ party (never had one!).Janis finally found our old projector and I took mattress, pillows, and blankets to make a cozy place on a floor. We had “movie night” and “PJ party” at the same time. There were enough fruits from the Christmas and a few sweets too! Girls made bracelets and Nelle asked for a cucumber mask :).Somehow it was fun and relaxing at the same time 🙂

We ended our PJ party with watching Andrea Bocelli Christmas concert.


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