Working in the greenhouse

Goodmorning Sunday,

Yesterday after having fun we went to the manor, to do grass trimming and deal with greenhouse. Deal – because my eggplants and paprika can’t wait much longer! They need beds!


Janis went trimming grass and I looked around for a solution to make beds inside the greenhouse for my plants. We ordered a pre-made bed for the greenhouse (on the right) and since it didn’t fit that well and was hard to get in place, didn’t want to buy two more.


I was lucky to upcycle old boards and some metal roof leftovers. At first, it looked impossible. Had to dig a lot! Janis helped a bit and at the end, the greenhouse is finished for this season! Next year – different story ๐Ÿ™‚


Didn’t plant eggplants and paprika jet, it was 9:55PM when I finished and didn’t want to go to the pond for water…


12 thoughts on “Working in the greenhouse

  1. So much work but oh so worth the effort because next year you only need to turn over dirt and plant instead of having to make the beds. Looks quite nice. Extra points to you for upcycling so much that would have gone to the trash.

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