Working in the greenhouse

Goodmorning Sunday,

Yesterday after having fun we went to the manor, to do grass trimming and deal with greenhouse. Deal – because my eggplants and paprika can’t wait much longer! They need beds!


Janis went trimming grass and I looked around for a solution to make beds inside the greenhouse for my plants. We ordered a pre-made bed for the greenhouse (on the right) and since it didn’t fit that well and was hard to get in place, didn’t want to buy two more.


I was lucky to upcycle old boards and some metal roof leftovers. At first, it looked impossible. Had to dig a lot! Janis helped a bit and at the end, the greenhouse is finished for this season! Next year – different story πŸ™‚


Didn’t plant eggplants and paprika jet, it was 9:55PM when I finished and didn’t want to go to the pond for water…


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