Jigsaw Puzzle #2 Michelstadt

The place is Michelstadt in Germany (Michelstadt in the Odenwald is a town in the Odenwaldkreis in southern Hesse, Germany between Darmstadt and Heidelberg. It has a population of around 16,000.). Photographed by Photographer R Kirsch.

I had to Google to find more about this picture-puzzle. Well, that is Michelstadt Main square with Rathus (dated back to 1484) in the middle and Marktbunnen (market fountain) was erected in 1575 and a statue of the archangel Michael stands on a column above the fountain.

Pretty impressive, right?!

NOW about the puzzling! I was so excited to receive the puzzle from my blogging friend Dimi and “dive right into it”! But I had photoshoots next few days and this puzzle was so hard, that I couldn’t finish it in “one go”! Also, girls tried to finish… that made a bigger mess. Then I couldn’t sleep and puzzled till 7am – still didn’t finish it.

Then I puzzled whole day and a bit at night and at 2AM I was ready to stop, cause 4 peaces were missing and I knew there are somewhere around the table, but it was dark and I was tired, so I went straight into bed.

When I woke up at 7AM I was saying “Noooo!!” in a slow motion, cause I still was sleeping with one eye… The puzzle was destroyed by Marley!!!! Oh no!!!

I count this puzzle – FINISHED!!!


16 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzle #2 Michelstadt

    1. YES! CATS! Normaly I would try to fix it… but not this one! Took me a lot of time and nerves too :). Now I now – dark, old puzzles are hard to put togehter. So I bought few new (cost the same as used ones – why!!?) puzzles to get back into “easy puzzling”!


  1. Thank you for posting this picture and a story! Me and my husband did this puzzle 15 years ago and decided that we have to visit this place when we will have enough money for travelling. Back then it seemed like a fairytale, making $150 a month and thinking about travels… We’ve lost the puzzle and been looking for it all over the internet, finally found it thanks to you! It was always on our mind that we need to visit this town and make our dream come true. We even went to one town with Schwarzer Adler hotel, but it wasn’t the same town it turned out… 15 years on, we live in a different country, do have enough money to travel and our 7 yo son’s nam is Michael 🙂

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  2. There’s another jigsaw of that town square in the Summer, no snow but lots of colourful flowers instead. I had it as a kid in the 80s and just found your post while trying to find out which town it was after all these years. So I have my answer, thanks.

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