Photo Shoot On Location #1

This day has come I’ve been offered and I have to do a photo shoot on location. It’s not like I never did a photo shoot outside the studio! But I don’t know how to deal with stress that comes with the unknown place! I was there a few days ago, just to see where everything will take action. Actually, this time I need to shoot a big group photo (about 130 people in “crazy” ambient and gel light situation) and make a photo corner for more better lit photos.


So… I’m stressed, cause I never did a photo shoot of 130 people from the balcony before… And I think I might bring my studio strobe up to do that and then… bring it back down to the photo corner…

Sorry, just documenting what I’m thinking at the moment. This post will be scheduled and go online tomorrow! So by the time, you will read this – JOB IS DONE.


12 thoughts on “Photo Shoot On Location #1

  1. Not surprised you’re stressed – anyone would be. Large groups are anyway ‘difficult’ anywhere and I have only done them as an amateur so not very important if I failed. As I did sometimes. But, I’m sure you will do a good job and have another ‘experience’ under your belt.

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