Photo Shoot on Location #1 Review

As I wrote, I had a photo shoot that stressed me at first, cause I had to shoot on location with and without studio light! And the best part I had to shoot big group photo… What is a big group photo – 130 people! That is huge for me, I can’t pose them, I can’t put them in lines etc.

Ready to start a shoot in a photo corner with attributes (hats, boas, masks, etc)

The good thing was I had a balcony to shoot them from. I decide to use Speedlite Camera Flash to lit them up. But after a while of good thinking, I decided to have my studio strobe up in the balcony with me. That was a good idea! I could perfectly lit them and see all the faces since I was shooting from a higher angle.

They kind of canceled a big group photo, so I had to shoot “girls” and “boys” seperatly, that was fine with me, since I had studio strob!

Also they asked me to have a reportage of what is going on in a low light situation… And this is my weakness, since my Speedlite Camera Flash dissapointed me! Well, it wasn’t the flash, but the batteries! Or I thought so. I will google and fid out more!

About photo corner – no problem! I had my studio strobs and it was perfect!


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