Happy Valentines Day

I don’t celebrate Valentines Day, it’s relatively new in our country…


From now on this day will be special cause Nelles Godmothers wedding is today! Congratulations Vī!

If you don’t mind can you tell me what you do on Valentines Day and what it means to you!?


P.S. I spent my day in the studio and had a wonderful maternity photo shoot!

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      Here in UK it’s lost most of its meaning as it has been taken over by commerce persuading people go spend ridiculous amounts of money! Nice Nelle’s Godmother has made it really special for you 🙂

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      Victor gave me flowers and chocolates, I gave him wine and chocolates. I’m going to visit my mom at assisted living and bring her a heart box of chocolates, then I’m going to get my car an oil change, leftovers for supper, but heart-shaped cake for dessert👍 I feel, anytime you can celebrate love, it’s a good day❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day everyone💕

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      An ideal Valentine’s Day celebration in the US is usually a heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates, a beautiful mushy greeting card proclaiming your love to someone, a beautiful bouquet of typically roses and an awesome dinner. Ours wasn’t the ideal Valentine’s Day, but it was perfect for us….Hubby gave me a beautiful mushy card this morning, we ate a quick breakfast, went to town and looked at dogs at the animal shelter, went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch (where we received a little box of candy), and went grocery shopping. Tonight we had potato chips and guacamole dip for dinner. 😀

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